So when I told my friend and editor, Tim Alevizos, that I was going to post my next blog about JUVIA in Miami Beach he said ” Why the hell do you write about Miami restaurants? Nobody in Minnesota gives a shit about restaurants in Miami.”

That may be true…..perhaps they would care more about Naples or Sarasota restaurants……but, the thing is….I don’t go to Naples or Sarasota…..so dear readers, try to enjoy my Miami selections…..and if, by chance, you take a day trip from Naples to Miami……saving this post will might be worth while.

The best view of the ocean and Miami Beach, by far, is from the spectacular roof-top of a Japanese/Peruvian restaurant called JUVIA……located in the heart of bustling Lincoln Road.

In many respects, I do not fit the ideal profile of the customer that JUVIA wants……they cater to the “beautiful people”….the “Armani crowd” and the surgically busty and leggy super models.

But….W.T.F……I’ll go there anyway.

JUVIA is a mixed bag… The cuisine is JAPANESE with PERUVIAN counterpoints……artfully presented with a preponderance of small plates that allows for sampling of several offerings. As I said, the rooftop is dazzling with vistas like no other in the area…..NO OTHER….( Tables # 11 or 15 are great for two)…. And if it’s rainy or chilly or windy…..inside is good too. The exterior perimeter is floor to ceiling windows with same spectacular view….. (advice: If you do choose to eat inside, book a window table in advance)

Joanne and I have always enjoyed the food and the service and the plating and presentations.

However, when I checked JUVIA on line…..there were a substantial number of complaints concerning the service and the attitude and especially the prices.

Our service has always been good….. never disappointed…. but the prices…. well, that’s another story… appetizers that range from $ 18 to $ 32!!!!! My guess is that the “beautiful people” don’t mind and of course you are paying something for the view….. BUT REALLY???? $16 to $24 for salads? Check out the images below.

There you have it…….. an ABSOLUTELY SPECTACULAR VIEW……f ood that’s GOOD and INTERESTING and FREQUENTLY WITTY…… and prices that are VERY UN-MINNESOTAN.

I’ll end this post with a word about bringing kids to JUVIA…… DON’T!!! First of all, the kids won’t like the food, secondly they will simply annoy serious diners and finally, never in my life have I seen a kids menu with $ 24 choices.



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