The cattle are running…..running straight for Rochester, Minnesota…….

Because PITTSBURGH BLUE STEAKHOUSE is opening in Rochester on Monday, April 8th right in the heart of downtown, in the brand new and absolutely stunning HILTON ROCHESTER MAYO CLINIC AREA, the city’s first truly five-star property.

So Rochestonians, get ready for STEAK – aged steaks of all stripes, including rib eye tomahawks, porterhouses, New York Strips, and of course filet mignons. But first, why not begin with a platter of pristine briny fresh oysters……or Oysters Rockefeller. Not an oyster lover? Then have a jumbo Shrimp Cocktail or share a Cheese Board.

But it’s not just steaks. Depending on the day’s catch, seafood lovers can feast on fresh salmon, sea bass or halibut which were swimming yesterday. Roasted plump spring chicken and pasta choices round out the menu. I dare you to pass up the Prime Rib, available in three sizes: Queen’s Cut…King’s Cut…and the Flintstonian, bathmat-sized King’s Mother-In-Law’s Cut, ordered medium rare, of course.

Mammoth side dishes of crispy hash browns, loaded mashed potatoes and fresh asparagus are meant for sharing. And finish it all off with a wedge of coconut or red velvet cake.

Not up for a big night out? Then head straight for the cozy BLUE TAVERN in the front part of the restaurant, where you can get any dish that’s on the dining room menu along with fantastic tavern fare like juicy, hand-pattied burgers, sandwiches, snacks and dips. Lobster roll and fries? Fish & chips ? Shrimp Ceviche? Yes, yes and yes.

Mommie need a break? HAPPY HOUR is just the ticket. And what a VALUE-PACKED HAPPY HOUR it is! At our sister restaurants in the Twin Cities, the bar starts getting buzzy around four in the afternoon with sliders, calamari and tacos flying out of the kitchen.

Two private dining rooms, complete with state-of-the-art AV set-ups will be available for parties as well as serious corporate functions.

Don’t feel like cooking Sunday night after a busy weekend? Then bring the family and come to budget-friendly SUNDAY SUPPER. All suppers under $40 bucks, including shrimp cocktail to start, followed by your choice of filet mignon, roasted chicken or grilled Atlantic salmon. Finally, an old-fashioned soda fountain hot fudge sundae tops off your meal.

But you know…here’s the thing: We are so humble and pleased and proud to drive a steak (no pun intended) into the heart of Rochester. Joanne and I have been getting our medical care at the Mayo on a regular basis for over ten years now, and we marvel at just how nice and genuine folks are down there – and not just the Mayo people, but retail sales people, hotel employees and restaurant workers. It just comes naturally.

That wonderful quality carries over to our staff – 125 of ‘em, and 125 new jobs in Rochester. The leadership is made up of all proven professionals, including Bruce, the GM; Beth, our AGM; Nate, the head chef (who came from our other steakhouse, the world famous MANNY’S), and sous chef Zach, another Parasole veteran from SALUT.

How fortunate we are!



  • March 30, 2019 at 7:24 am

    I’m so excited…. The Blue Tavern will also have the best cocktails in town, trust me I’ve tried them all and I may have a little experience “wink”…. Also, i know you Minnesotans are pretty dang intelligent, maybe like to try things first and you can probably tell I’m trying to sell myself right now….perfect, I’m about to work at the best place in Rochester…Come on down, try anything because i know you’ll come back… Awesome, do i have you hooked yet… if i don’t i will soon…so please stop by and give me a chance on april 8th (3-10.) Cannot wait to see you! Come give your taste buds a swirl and lets have some fun!!!!!!!

    Btw I’ve worked a lot of places and never felt comfortable posting something like this..just goes to show the enviorment and ambiance we (not a me thing because we are a team) are striving to have

  • February 5, 2020 at 12:06 am

    My filing system has been compromised. I want the email address for Mr. Paine. I have some information to send him and I have lost the address he told me last week.

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